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Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Fetus Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: August 17, 2014
1.What nursing action is required b4 you measure fundal height= empty bladder full bladder make the fundal height higher. 2.What should a nurse do to prevent heat loss from evaporation= dry them up and remove the wet linen. 3.Child with cephalohematoma. What condition is associated with cephalohemetoma = jaundice 4.Why do we perform gestational age in a baby= to identify developmental level 5.What kind of exam do we perform to access for gestational age = ballot score 6.A baby has been circumcised a mother called the unit and complains that she saw a yellow crust on the penile area what do you tell the mother=Normal 7.You are teaching a mom how to use a bulb syringe what will you tell her to do= tilt babies head to the side and sanction the check 8.You are providing umbilical cord care, what will you do to provide this care= dye, open, dry, to prevent infection. 9.You have a patient who is breast feeding you want to prevent nipple trauma what will you teach= latching on, make sure the oriole is in the baby mouth and the baby is sucking onto it. And the baby is not sucking the nipple. 10.When babies have jaundice and are placed on a phototherapy why should we make sure that they have fluid and they get fed= prevent dehydration, hypoglycemia and promote growth 11.A neonate that was born 4hours after delivery mother is diabetic and some of the signs and symptoms is that the baby is jittery = hypoglycemia, check blood sugar and feed them 12.A woman who came to labor and delivery, having contractions she is restless and in pain you want to ask her some questions, when is the best time to ask her questions= in-between contractions are formulation a plan of care for a patient it relates to pain management, what influences pain=cultures, previous experience, psychosocial, anxiety and fear full see pain management (ppt) 14.if someone has an abnormal fetal heart rate and you turned her to one side and the condition continues = turn her to the other...
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