Suicide Bombings

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Suicide Bombings
Alexandra C. Zuñiga
CJ290/ Terrorism
Mr. Scott Thompson
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There is a wide variation of terror tactics used today in modern-day terrorism and throughout history. Suicide bombings are one of the most common terror tactics used today. There are so many suicide bombings that take place throughout the world. For example, a suicide bomber killed 31 people at an army base near Baghdad in 2012. Another suicide bomber killed 19 people in Eastern Afghanistan when he attacked the Joint Patrol in 2012. Elsewhere, another suicide bomber killed 8 people, but wounded 100 people in a Nigerian church in 2012. Sometimes suicide bombings are executed successfully and become a tragedy to the nation where it takes place; other times they are poorly executed and turned out to be failed attempts to make a statement in terrorism that causes the world to live in fear today. There are so many reasons why people resort to suicide bombings as a terror tactics; however, there are precautions and safety measures that could be taken to prevent such attacks.

Suicide Bombings
Suicide bombings are terror tactics used a great deal in terrorism throughout the world. A suicide bombing is a bombing carried out by a terrorist who knows and in most cases hopes he/she will not survive the attack. As in religious terror, suicide bombers believe they are working for a higher power and their afterlife will be so great that they are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the cause at hand. Suicide bombings are, in some cases, one of the best terror tactics utilized today. A suicide bomber can easily conceal a weapon of mass destruction on his person and get close to a specific target. They can also get close to a heavily populated area; in most cases, this is main objective for suicide bombers. They wish to take as many civilian or non-civilian lives as possible. Suicide bombers can attack for many reasons; they might be trying to make a political statement or it could be for revenge. Army Base Suicide Bombing

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, all of the major news headlines raved about a suicide bombing near an army base near Baghdad. The suicide bomber “rammed” his vehicle that was filled with explosives into crowds of troops and recruits that were outside of the base. The base was 20 kilometers north of the Iraqi capital, in Taji. ““There were army trainees leaving the base and small buses were waiting for them when the explosion took place, “said Ahmed Khalef, a policeman working nearby. “We immediately started to rescue the wounded. You could smell of charred bodies,” “(Markey, 2012). There were body parts and burned vehicles scattered in the streets surrounding the base. There were 31 people killed, most of whom were soldiers, and around 50 more were wounded by the explosion. It was one of the worst attacks of 2012 on the country’s military. Suicide Bomber on Foot Kills 19

On October 1, 2012, a suicide bomber on foot attacked a joint patrol of American-led coalition and Afghan forces. This was the fourth suicide bombing to take place in Khost Province of Afghanistan in a five month period. The attack took place in broad daylight in a busy section of the city’s shopping district (Kenny, 2012). 19 people were killed in this attack including three international service members and 16 Afghan police officers; roughly another 59 Afghans were wounded by the explosion. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack (Rubin, Jan Mangal, 2012). ““A foreign and Afghan force joint convoy was targeted this morning around 9 a.m. in the vicinity of the Khost’s governor’s office, while the soldiers were dismounted in the area,” the Taliban said in a statement to the news media. “The attack was carried out with a suicide vest worn by one of our hero mujahid named Schoiab Kunduzi,”” (Kenny, 2012). Nigerian Church Suicide Bombing

On Sunday, October 28, 2012, a suicide bomber drove a jeep containing explosives into a...

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