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Topics: Nutrition, Pregnancy, Eating Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: March 24, 2015
Zhereen Uddin 
Professor Dillaha 
ENG 1510 
February 17, 2015
“Food Fright” Summary
In the article “Food Fright”, Sara Dickerman proclaims that it is difficult to control the foods that are being eaten at the time of a woman’s pregnancy. She explains how she had eaten foods when she was pregnant, that gives almost every women a pregnancy scare. There are many foods as well as drinks that women shouldn’t eat or drink while they are pregnant. According to Alex Kuczynski’s New York Times article, women develop pregnancy paranoia. The list of food that women are not able to eat is super long. She explains how it is difficult to keep up with all of that. There are so many different risks of diseases. The risks of diseases go to an unlimited bound is what it seems like. All the way from allergy reactions from peanut butter, or salmonella to parasite risk from sushi. This situation causes a pregnant women to undergo through so much stress. All women want healthy children, and watching what they consume is a major component to having that healthy baby. As far as Dickerman knew, alcohol has been forbidden for anyone to drink at the time of pregnancy. After further research, Dickerman found that back in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, drinking was actually allowed. It was said that drinking helped cure morning sickness therefore the doctors told them it was ok to drink. There were many superstitions involved as well. Dickerman explained how women thought that they would have tempered children if they ate spicy or sour foods. Basically it was said that what you eat is what you get. Another thing that Dickerman talks about is that before women would want to have smaller babies so it would be easier for them to deliver. Studies now have indicated that smaller babies have a lower chance of surviving. As for eating less and going on a diet during pregnancy is a problem, so is eating too much. Eating the right amount of healthy foods is really important. Women...
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