Sustainability issue of companies

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Sustainability issue of companies
Yue Zhang
Delaware Stare University

Pfizer is a company with 150 years of history in research-based multinational pharmaceutical company. Pfizer for human and animal health discovery, development , production and markets leading prescription medicines , and many of the world 's most well-known consumer products. The new Pfizer by Pfizer and Pharmacia have a hand in the creation of an unprecedented scale , broad product range of therapeutic areas and product global pharmaceutical giant . The new Pfizer has three business segments : health care, animal health and consumer health products. The company's innovative products are sold in over 150 countries and regions. Pfizer has the world's most advanced production facilities and testing technology, its first-class detection and analytical tools perfect quality assurance system, the company 's products meet or exceed the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards, and the company's products is permitted exported to Japan, Australia, the Philippines and Europe . At present, China -listed products include: Pioneer will , Sulperazon , Zithromax , Diflucan , Norvasc , Zoloft , Rui Yi Ning , Viagra , Celebrex , Lipitor and so on.

Sustainability issues
Pfizer sustainability issues in two areas, the problem is that Pfizer as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, they need to continue the development of new drugs or improve their existing product to make it better with better efficacy and smaller Side effects, this problem is a pharmaceutical industry as a whole needs to confront the issue. Although Pfizer in the year 2013 on this issue to make the appropriate action, but in the future this issue which will always be a core issue for the sustainable. Second problem is that Pfizer's commitment to sustainable environmental problems. Pfizer hopes between the value and the social and environmental damage caused by the production of products continues to seek a balance, while minimizing the risk to our shareholders. Our strategic approach focuses on reducing energy and water consumption, in addition to innovative ways to manage waste.

Report issue in the annual report
Among Pfizer's Annual Report on environmental matters for the company listed as a special detail explanation. Pfizer in Environmental Matters were particularly marked in the year 2009 to 2012 which are similar provisions for changes in Pfizer Pfizer pharmaceutical plant in violation of the federal Clean Air Act as well as some made by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved remedy measures. The compensation and other matters relating to litigation or Pfizer for the development of new products also caused itemized breakdown of explanation and description to make the annual report them.

Pfizer and enthusiasm to motivate employees to develop improved products launched a special Sustained Ownership Culture. This culture is characterized by the interaction of which is how to have a positive impact among colleagues engaged in a frank and open dialogue, and to take responsible action and results. OWN information! Help colleagues to take appropriate risks and innovative thinking thoughtful, challenging the prevailing views and assumptions and make better, faster decisions. For example: research colleagues took an innovative approach defined as type 2 diabetes, helped lead to the formation of a joint venture to promote therapeutic compounds for the treatment of this potential contours. In what is now our global innovative pharmaceutical business, a team of researchers detected fibromyalgia challenge - a complex of symptoms characterized by chronic widespread pain condition pain, fatigue, etc. - and created a use of electronic medical records to identify and a new method of diagnosis of fibromyalgia related variables. Business development team in...

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