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According to a working document of International Trade Center (UNCTAD/WTO), Bangladesh market size for pharmaceuticals and natural products was US$ 517 million and the total herbal medicine was about US$ 50 million in 2004. Local companies satisfied 95% of domestic demand with a 10% contribution from multinational companies. The number of companies was subdivided into pharmaceutical units (232), ayurvedic, homeopathic, biochemic units (308), and herbal and unani-related units (295).

The pharmaceutical sector was the second largest sector (after agriculture) in terms of national revenue. Employment in the sector was about 75,000. The value of export for essential drugs was US$ 3.1 million and natural ingredients US$ 48 thousand. It exported drugs to over 50 countries in the world, but mainly to Bhutan, Singapore and Yemen. The export market is on a rise each year. On the other hand, Bangladesh imported essential drugs worth of US$ 21.6 million and natural ingredients of US$ 19 million. Types of products imported included 700 different types of finished products and over 742 basic raw materials. 85% of raw materials are imported from West European countries, USA, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, China and India.

Importance of the study:

Now-a-days, Pharmaceuticals Company is one of the largest industries in the world contributing 13.29% of global GDP. The study helps us gain hands on knowledge in the Pharmaceuticals sector in Bangladesh. The study has enormous implication to develop the appropriate Pharmaceuticals policy, to incorporate the unique marketing policy and to build sustainable Pharmaceuticals service. The concerning authority can use the findings and recommendation for their policy making and organizational development purpose and improving tourist satisfaction. It will help them to introduce a new dimension of strategic marketing in Pharmaceuticals sector of Bangladesh. Above all, the study has academic implications, which indicate the academicians can develop them in this field in Bangladesh taking this study as an initiative to study the tourism industry in Bangladesh.

Objectives of the study:

The main objective of this study is to compare the three leading pharmaceuticals companies in Bangladesh. Moreover, following objectives will also be focused in this study. i) To know the economic scenario of pharmaceuticals industries in Bangladesh. ii) To understand the growth of pharmaceuticals industries in Bangladesh. iii) To identify the impact of pharmaceuticals industries on employment. iv) To concentrate on the present situation of pharmaceuticals industry. v) To understand the potential of pharmaceuticals industry.

Methodology of the study:
Methodology includes some chronological steps, which need to complete the study. The details of the work plan are furnished below:

❖ Sample selection and size:
As I m going to prepare my report on the comparison of Three Pharmaceuticals Companies in Bangladesh, the sample size will be respectively few. ❖ Data collection method:
The existing literature includes published journals, periodicals, newspapers, related magazines, documents, Bangladesh Economic Review and Internet etc. ❖ Data sources:
To perform this report a study report is based on primary and secondary data. ❖ Data processing:
Data collected from secondary sources will be processed manually and qualitative approach will be used through the study. ❖ Data analysis and interpretation:
The present research is a combination of both theoretical and empirical. For the theoretical foundation and analysis, the existing literatures were investigated. To analyze the collected data, different quantitative and qualitative measures will be taken.

❖ Limitations:
Although great care has been put on this report, but still it is not above the limitations. To prepare this report the following constraints should be...
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