Swaraj and Pharmaceutical industry

Topics: Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical drug, Political corruption Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: February 20, 2014
Swaraj and the Pharmaceutical Industry
The 75,000 crore pharma industry must not be controlled by a handful of people. Two of India`s key export brand value items are IT and Pharma. Both are faces of Brand India for the low cost they offer. Recent news have led to a defaced brand of India`s pharmaceutical industry. Big brands in India have been deemed unfit to export drugs. While other economies have rejected their imports from this nation, we have never found an issue with the quality of drugs produced here. Why aren`t drug quality monitoring agencies acting upto the mark ? Why is the pharma industry so corrupted in every sector- from production, quality control to sales ?

For a country of over a billion people, we do a terrible job of ensuring safety and effective services in public health. But health sector is not a priority in government schemes. Other issues like agriculture, railways, education and employment have been regularly pitched up in every five year plan. However, ask a common man, and he would say, he needs cheaper health facilities than cheap CNG. Generics are not promoted by ministers, because of the pocket-warming requests of big pharma. Drug quality control is historically known for it state of corruption. Swaraj, is a concept of giving representative governance to the people. If a sizeable population would petition that medicines for a selected list of diseases be subsidized or distributed generically, the existing government could care not to pay heed. However, in people`s democracy, this would have to be immediately be discussed in the lower house and action be taken. Coming back to the Brand India concept, corruption has led to absence of control over the quality of drugs produced. A strong Janlokpal bill, would empower even a lay drug inspector to report cases of quality waiver. Favouring crony capitalism in pharma sector would also be brought to desired end. The cost of various drugs would reduce if it were not to be needed a...
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