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History Final Research: Taliban

While the civil war was in Afghanistan, the Taliban was grouping in Pakistan.

They were small religious schools for orphans and refugee children. 

With the influence from Mullah Omar, the schools got bigger until they were a political force. 

The Taliban started to take control of Afghanistan. 

September 1996, they came to power and renamed it to Islamic Ermiate of Afghanistan. 

At first the people liked the Taliban, they told them that they would bring back culture the Soviets threatened to take away. 

The Taliban was extremely strict about the Islamic laws. 

They forbid music, kites, clapping at sports, or any cultural expression. 

Women had no rights. 

Men had to have long beards and had to wear turbans. 

Punishment was cutting off arms if accused of stealing, beatings, and public executions at sporting events. 

Human rights no longer existed. 

Taliban supported terrorist training camps (Al Qaeda) to set up in Afghanistan. 

World Book:

Before the Taliban Afghanistan was torn because of the Civil War and the Soviet war. 

The Taliban gained control in the mid 1990s 

Taliban wanted Afghanistan to be a total Islamic state. 

"The Taliban enforced strict adherence to their interpretation of Islamic laws. These laws included restrictions on most modern forms of entertainment. They also included personal restrictions on dress and grooming. For example, the Taliban forced men to wear beards and women to wear veils. Those who violated the Taliban's law were punished." 

The Taliban began in 1994. They used Islamic children from Pakistan as their forces. 

"The group sought to end the lawlessness and suffering that had resulted from years of civil war in Afghanistan." 

The Taliban captured Afghanistan's second largest city, Kandahar, in 1994. In January 1995, the Taliban captured the province of Ghazni, northeast...
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