Taliban and Prime Minister

Topics: Silvio Berlusconi, Taliban, War in Afghanistan Pages: 11 (1987 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Question 1

- Silvio Berlusconi has been the Prime Minister of Italy for three times. Berlusconi is the

owner of the company Media Set. He also owns an advertising and publishing company and

about 50 magazines. His brother is the owner of the Italian Daily, one of the most read

newspapers in Italy. Next to that he is the owner of the soccer club AC Milan. You can say

Berlusconi is all around the country and it is difficult not noticing his influence.

The power of Berlusconi can be seen as both actual and potential power.

- The actual power can be seen as the fact that he is the Prime Minister of Italy. He has the

capability to force the people what to do and how to do it, he can do this via changing the

legislation which he can arrange via the parliament. The opportunity to change the law into

what you think is necessary, is a way of actual power. The citizens of Italy have to adjust to

the law and are thus influenced by the power of the government. During the time Berlusconi

was the prime minister a lot of the legislation has been changed. A lot of problems Italy has in

the area of media can be traced down to Silvio Berlusconi. It is said that the biggest problem

are the fact that the whole culture has changed. Even now Berlusconi is retired the problems

are not solved, even when he will die the changes will be notable (Lyman, 2010).

- The other aspect of power is the potential power Berlusconi has. Which in my opinion, in

this case, is probably more powerful than the actual power he had as the prime minister. With

potential power I mean the power he has by owning a lot of media companies and in that way

indirectly influences the society. Silvio Berlusconi does not only owns his own company MediaSet, he also owns several other media related companies, and is the owner

of an internet Bank, called Mediolanum, and of the Italian soccer club AC Milan (Rossi, 2012).

By owning all these different media companies Berlusconi has great influence on the Italian

Society. He is able to decide what his news programs will broadcast, for example by selecting

editors who support him. During election time this can be very powerful. It is easy to

broadcast the ideas of Berlusconi. When you will read the newspaper you will only read about

Berlusconi and in the end you will really believe the things they write about him. The TV

stations Berlusconi owns are among the most popular channels the Italians watch. One of

America’s news websites say: “And as prime minister, he has indirect control over RAI —

enough, critics say, to pull the strings necessary to put that broadcaster’s “fairness doctrine”

into effect.” (Lyman, 2010). This also makes the influence he has on the citizens more

powerful. During the time he was the Prime Minister he also had a lot of influence on the

public channels and newspapers. Which increases both the actual and the potential

power. Because Berlusconi owns so many media companies questions are raised about the

press freedom of Italy. Italy is ranked as the 49th country in the world when it comes to press

freedom (Lyman, 2010). This is a surprising ranking for a country from Europe. Italy is even

ranked lower than for example Mali. It has to do with the fact that one person is basically

owning half of all the media in one country. To me it is an interesting fact that it is even

possible to own so many countries as one person. It almost gives you a monopoly.

“It would be difficult to imagine a modern and industrialized country, a member of the G8

and a founding member of the European Union, where a single figure had so much control

over the media”, said Domenico Affinito, vice-president of the Italian chapter of Reporters

Without Borders.” (Lyman, 2010).

- Eventually Silvio Berlusconi got sentenced because of a multimillion euro tax fraud. He

was charged...

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