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Problem Analysis
Bottom –line Goal: In 2010 they sale 9,000 vehicles per month before the drop off. To recover and increase sales to 150,000 cars per year ( 60% of the capacity of the plant – 250,000 cars). Intermediate goal: To recover the reputation of the car of a low cost, good quality, safe and resistance to performance in Indian roads. Impediment:

Car price: The price increase because of the problems with the fires that required increase the security features as the guarantee, may decrease in difference with a other low end cars, challenging the customer value, reducing one of the benefits and differentiators of low price car. The different amount of suppliers that the company has to produce the cars Targeted group of customers: Lower income families that currently use motorbikes Solution

Strategy: Brand positioning statement follow by specific tactics that convey the positioning of the tactics Brand positioning parts:
a. Target: Lower income families that currently use motorbikes b. Category: Low cost car
c. Points of difference: Quicker and safer than the motorbike Brand design scheme KOM page 107:

Tata Nano Basic
Tata Nano LX
Tata Nano CX

“It is Tata time”
“ Tata: Transport , Affordable, Trustable, for All ”




Brand positioning statement: Tata Nano, For families who are tired of the low velocity, capacity and security of a motorbike and want an affordable safety car to move through the Indian´s streets. Tactics: Reduce the car price at the original price producing parts internally (reducing the 100 suppliers) using part of the plan capacity (as sales will be in 60% of the capacity of the plant) and make “shows” to show car performance in difficult roads. Advantages of the solution: It will allow to recover the confidence on the car and will allow low income indians to buy it. Additionally TATA will have the...
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