Termination of Pregnancy Has Endless Negative Consequences for Woman

Topics: Childbirth, Reproduction, Fertility Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Termination of pregnancy has endless negative consequences for woman

It   is   amazing   to   see   how   many   women out   there   who   fell   pregnant   and   only   to   find   out   mostly   of   them are   teenage   mothers.

Many   women or   female   become   pregnant   not   because   they   plan   to   do   so,   but   just   because   of   attitude . attitude   is   the   most   important   thing   in a person life   ,   about how you   behave   and   reveal   yourself   to   the   world   ,bad attitude lead to certain things   that   can   easily   destroy   you   as   a   living   being.   Female with bad attitude see things   in their own   perspective   way   things they   are   cool most popular   and     end   up   becoming pregnant   because   of   letting   boys or men   interfere   in their   lives . they   terminate   their pregnancy   because   of   boys   who   run   away   from   the   responsibilities.

Background also determine   a   person.   Some people come   from   good   backgrounds   but   when   they   see   the   real   world   they   totally   change   because   of   people   they   make   friendship   with   and   yes   sure   they   do   things   that   will   leave   them   with   regrets.   But   not   all   women have negative   consequences of   pregnancy.   Some   they   were   raped   and   end up   losing   focus   in   their   lives   and   leaving   a   hopeless   life,   hilling   a soul   that   has   nothing   to   do   with   your   bad   attitude.

Being   pregnant   at   an   early   age   or   stage   can   disturb   your future   goals.   Nowadays its   seems   as   if   it’s   a fashion   to   become   pregnant   at   an   early   age   without   realising   that   they   are   losing   in thins   that   will   bring   positive   things   in   life.   They   lose education,   respect,   and   value.   Most   of   them   are   poor   and   decide   to   be   pregnant   because   of   desperately   in...
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