Terrorism in the Modern World

Topics: Osama bin Laden, Terrorism, United States Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: January 20, 2014
Terrorism in the modern world
In the modern world, when the developments in civilization and culture are on the increase, the suppression of human beings seems a brutal act. Slaughtering of the people was the order of the day in the ages bygone. In the modern world, this act of brutality is never appreciated by any sensible person. Despite great changes in the world, genocide and massacre are in vogue in the various parts of the world. All such killings are called terrorism. The word terrorism stands for an act which makes a man to terrorise, terrify and horrify and put his life to an end for his illegitimate motive. Terrorism in the modern world has been mocking at human freedom for the last two decades. All the measures to eradicate this evil have failed. The drive and cry against terrorism at length became more loud after the incident of 11th September 2001. This mishap of large-scale killings of innocent people startled and shook whole of the world. America declared war against terrorism. Such kind of move should be supported for the protection of decorum of civilization in the world. One would condemn such an act of barbarianism. The affected country and super power America, in order to bring to book her assumed few culprits, ruined whole Afghan land. To target Al-Quaida' and to catch one person Usama Ben Laden, the USA wiped out life from various regions of Afghanistan. The poor Afghan landscape went on echoing with bombing and missile attacks constantly for three months. In the year 2003, the monster of terrorism ate up Iraq. Uncle Sam turned down all kinds of appeal and protest. In the world of politics, the word terrorism has different connotations. The violation of law and demonstration against tyranny is now-a-days called terrorism. It was labeled as rebellion in the past. It is in fact, neither lawlessness nor rebellion or terrorism. One should call it resistance. This is a cry against state terrorism. The ruling elite wants to impose her will on...
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