The Conceptions of Non-Citizen Pregnant Women

Topics: Hong Kong, Childbirth, Cantonese people Pages: 16 (4073 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
List of Figures

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Methodology
2.1 The reasons of non-citizenship pregnant woman want to giving birth in Hong Kong
2.2 Welfare
2.2.1 The view with non-citizen pregnant woman give birth in Hong Kong 2.2.2 Advantage and disadvantage of mainland mother give birth in Hong Kong
2.3 Resources from hospital
2.3.1 Affect the family planning
2.3.2 The services and facilities of hospital

4.1 Effective policies to Hong Kong


APPENDIX 1 Figures
APPENDIX 2 Questionnaire Sample

List of Figures
Figures 1.1 Gender of respondents
Figures 1.2 Age group of respondents
Figures 1.3 The reasonability of letting the non-citizenship pregnant woman giving birth in Hong Kong
Figures 1.4 Allowing non citizenship to give birth in Hong Kong impact on the quality of the local obstetric services or not
Figures 1.5 What is the derived factor you think that a large number of non-citizenship pregnant woman want to giving birth in Hong Kong? Figures 1.6 People are plan to give birth
Figures 1.7 The factor(s)of affecting respondents intends of birthing? Figures 1.8 The influence of respondents’ Family Planning
Figures 1.11 The non citizenship pregnant women to give birth in HK would provide labor power in HK or not
Figures 1.14 Benefits of Hong Kong's health care system if non citizenship pregnant women give birth in Hong Kong 
Figures 1.17 Weather it is reasonable if banning non citizenship pregnant women give birth in Hong Kong

Figures 1.18 The disadvantages of non-citizen pregnant woman using Hong Kong medical treatment system
Figures 1.20 Any negative feelings If they continue come to HK to give birth


This research investigates the attitudes towards non-citizenship pregnant woman among Hong Kong citizens. 50 copies of questionnaire, separated in two parts regarding whether local citizens agree with the scheme that letting non-citizenship pregnant woman give birth to their children in Hong Kong. And the facilities or resources in Hong Kong is whether enough to share with those non-citizen pregnant women. The information is collected from our questionnaires, printed and online books periodicals and electronic sources.

The findings of the first part reveal local citizens dislike the scheme very much. It is considered that non-citizenship pregnant woman make the quality of the local obstetric services decline. Furthermore, it causes a big problem towards the education system in future. Therefore, locals have negative attitude toward the scheme.

The findings of the second part illustrate there are problems in current law about this scheme. Adequate emergency room and shortage in manpower lead a huge difficulty in serving both local and non-citizenship pregnant woman. The policy and action by government and intermediary for cracking down the illegal behavior of entering the Hong Kong is obviously not enough. The results also suggest that if keep this scheme on, locals would have negative feeling gradually.

This survey has provided recommendations for the government with the aim of reducing the conflict between Hong Kong citizens and non-citizenship pregnant woman.

1.1 Introduction
In recent years, the amount of non-citizenship pregnant woman in Hong Kong increase rapidly. Great pressure has been made to medical care and education system in Hong Kong.

Although Hong Kong government has implemented lots of relative measures to prevent non-citizenship pregnant woman enter and give birth in Hong Kong, most of the Hong Kong citizen complain about the effectiveness of those measures.

The right of abode is really...
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