The Consequences of Using Drugs While Pregnant

Topics: Drug addiction, Pregnancy, Addiction Pages: 2 (863 words) Published: April 29, 2011
Many women, including teens, abuse drugs while they are pregnant. This rate is especially high to those who are homeless, underprivileged, or live in a broken home. In order for drug abusers to even have a chance at beating their addiction they have to have support whether it’s family, friends, or boyfriend/spouse. They must also let the abuser now all the consequences to themselves and the unborn child. There are many consequences when using drugs during pregnancy such as miscarriage, health risks to baby, and health risks to the mother. And learning disabilities and brain damage to the fetus.

Cassandra has this feeling that Tiffany doesn’t know how serious and devastating it is to use heroin while she is pregnant. So she decides to educate Tiffany a little bit. Cassandra is walking with Tiffany to the hospital for her second check-up, while walking Cassandra tells Tiffany, “Did you know that Heroin abuse can cause serious complications during pregnancy including miscarriage and premature delivery?” ( Tiffany then gives Cassandra this look of shock and says to her crying, “Oh my gosh I didn’t know that I was risking losing my child! How could I have been so ignorant?! I’m risking my child’s life because of my addiction to heroin!” Cassandra then tells her with a heartwarming smile, “It’s okay. I’m here to help you.” Cassandra knows that she must help Tiffany with her addiction. She also knows that Tiffany doesn’t know the serious consequences of using heroin while pregnant, because Tiffany is using heroin she is not only endangering the life of her unborn child but also her very own life. When Cassandra and Tiffany get to the office they wait for the physician to come to the room. When he gets there he evaluates Tiffany and at the same time asks Tiffany, “Do you take any medications or drugs?” Tiffany then responds with her head down because she is ashamed, “Yes I do. I use heroin regularly.” The doctor...
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