The Cost Of The Iraq War Unit 5

Topics: George W. Bush, 2003 invasion of Iraq, Al-Qaeda Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: April 17, 2015
The cost of the Iraq war, how is it going to end?
Meagan Farkas

Below are a few statistics of the US spending and costs involved after 10 years of involvement in regards to the Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan War, which began in 2003 with an invasion, as of 2013: VA Medical (attributing65% of total costs to Iraq war) 15.31 billion VA Disability (attributing 65% oftotal costs to Iraq war) 21.84 billion SS Disability (attributing 65% of total costs to Iraq war) 2.91 billion Homeland Security (attributing 54% of increase to Iraq) 245.81 billion

Those were just a few examples of where the spending has taken place. Overall, we are currently looking at a grand total of spending, once again, as of 2013, already up to 3.1 trillion dollars and counting. There have been genocides in Rwanda and Guatemala and the U.S. has before stood mute in most of those cases. Many become confused and disheartened when they ask themselves for rational reasons why the United States invaded Iraq. Many would say it was because of Sadam Hussain and because he was massacring his own. As for other countries that thought he was a tyrant, the U.S. and other western nations gave him a huge stockpile of weapons (which he later used on his own people) to keep Iran's power from expanding into the middle east, So we obviously didn't think he was a tyrant when we were loaning him weapons. I believe this war has been a true set back to our country and world, as most wars are, although the under lying motives are clear to most and its apparent that many of the countries in the middle east don't want us over there, and I will point out that when Osama Bin Laden died nobody cheered for his death (info courtesy of FOX news) this shows they respected a staunchly anti-western extremist. They see us as imposing a set of values and traditions foreign to them (and in some cases forbidden by the Koran.)
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