The day i went into labor

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The day I went into labor

I opened my eyes. My mind was racing, but I immediately panicked and thought to myself, “where is my son?” I turned and saw my Mom sitting on the couch next to me still asleep and remembered that she must be exhausted; she was up all night with me. While she was softly snoring, I pressed the button on my bedside and within a few minutes a nurse responded. I asked, “Can I see my son now?” While on my way to work the day before, my water broke. I quickly rushed to my best friend’s house that lived nearby, and had her drive me to the hospital. As soon as we arrived, I was admitted and assigned a room. My mom and sister anxiously arrived an hour later. They remembered my laptop so we could Skype with my son’s father who was deployed to Afghanistan. It just so happened to be his day off and he was so happy to hear that our little man was going to make his grand entrance soon! A few hours later the contractions began; in the beginning they felt like regular menstrual cramps not too much pain. But within half hour I was gripping the bedrail trying not to scream. Ouch! My doctor told me to notify her when I wanted an epidural, but warned me that getting it too early may cause it to wear off before delivery. Man was I scared. I tried to hold off as long as possible but around 5 p.m. I was in the worst pain imaginable, and still only 2 centimeters dilated. My mom and sister were not allowed to be in the room during the epidural procedure, so I had to be brave on my own. I sat upright, my legs dangling off the bed, as the nurse stood beside me holding my hands. I felt a small pinch and some pressure as the anesthesiologist inserted the needle near my spine. A few seconds after he took the needle out, he said he had to do it again because he didn’t get the right spot. So again I breathed out, and felt the pinch of the needle. My heart was racing, hoping he got it right this time. No luck -- he still didn’t get the right spot. By this time I was...
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