The events that took place on Tuesday September 11, 2001

Topics: Taliban, Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda Pages: 3 (1212 words) Published: February 1, 2008
The events that took place on Tuesday September 11, 2001 were anything short of horrific. I can only attempt to select words to describe how the terrorist attacks caused a great nation to feel: shocked, saddened, appalled, frightened, even enraged. Immediately Americans rallied up, not long thereafter, calling for an act of retaliation. Obviously, the mastermind of the event does indeed deserve to get what?s coming to him, but just exactly how far should the US take it? No matter what, the United States and the Bush administration should do their best to prevent direct warfare.

Already Americans want to see their nation demolish Afghanistan. So why not nuke them, you say? That would bring the United States no good. Afghanistan is a poor nation which lacks any real targets. To destroy their nation would be to destroy the little they have. This would set them back even further than they already are. There are merely individuals, namely Osama bin Ladin, who are being targeted by the United States. Bombing part of Afghanistan, would not do anything against these individual men. Also, simply bombing the enemy would cause more nations to rally against the United States. Many nations already despise the US as it is. You saw them dancing in the streets in celebration on the eleventh. Another nuking would cause them to think even less of the big bad United States. This would also enflame the Arab world and cause them to consider this whole ordeal as a holy crusade. The number of our enemies could greatly increase. We do not want war.

We sit here and mourn over the loss of thousands of innocent lives that took place in New York and Washington, but are we not doing the same by bombing them? Yes they are from Afghanistan, our enemy, but they too are still human. There is no need to sink to their level and take out thousands of innocents. We especially, as Christians, need to recognize the sanctity of life and not be so blood thirsty for a mass destruction.

There has...
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