The Fda: It’s Importance Necessitates Its Reform

Topics: Generic drug, Food and Drug Administration, Pharmacology Pages: 4 (1475 words) Published: May 12, 2013
The FDA: It’s Importance Necessitates its Reform
As Joseph Crowley once said, “Some of the FDA's own scientists have charged that politics, not science, is behind the FDA's actions”. Such thoughts contribute to the notion of how the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in need of reform. When Americans go to the pharmacy, drug store, or any other place in order to purchase medications, they expect to receive quality products. The organization known as the FDA has been put in charge of keeping the public healthy, yet evidence from the past shows this is not the case. With repeated drug recalls, the FDA has lost almost all of its credibility and dependability, and it must be reformed through the introduction of a new administration to work alongside the FDA in order to stop some mistakes from reoccurring. With such a solution, the FDA can become what it was initially intended to be.

The FDA has been responsible for the nation’s health for many years, and with its great responsibility to the public health, it should have much fewer mistakes then the current output. In Daniel Rosenberg’s piece, “Within You, Without You: FDA’s Problems Spell Trouble for Public Health,” he speaks of how the FDA is “one of the most important federal agencies,” thus attributing to the idea of the FDA’s necessary reform. He goes on to explain how “the agency is troubled and hobbled from within” (1). Because the FDA holds the power to decide if the medications Americans ingest are toxic or not, it is necessary that they do this well. The public understands what a great responsibility that the FDA has, and should thus be concerned. With the public understanding of this, hopefully a group effort can be formed in order to help reduce the amount of mistakes occurring.

With the FDA being the leader for research and approval of public health issues, the hope is that they are using the best possible equipment and people for the job. This however, is one of the many problems with the FDA....
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