The Film Commences With A Pregnant Woma

Topics: Mother, Pregnancy, Childbirth Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: December 15, 2014
The film commences with a pregnant woman (Eva Green) telling her unborn child that the father has departed for good, but that together they will start a new life. A love story is then told between two children, Rebecca and Tommy, who swear each other eternal love. When Rebecca departs suddenly for Japan with her mother, the two are separated. Twelve years later Rebecca returns as a young woman to find that Tommy (Matt Smith) not only remembers her, but still cares deeply for her. The two begin a new relationship. Tommy is a political activist fighting against the biotech corporations, who plan to open a new natural park populated by animals artificially created by cloning. Tommy plans to spoil the inauguration ceremony by letting loose rucksacks filled with cockroaches. Rebecca, herself a computer programmer of leak detection sonar software for underground storage containers, insists on accompanying Tommy. Driving to the site of the new natural park through a lonely wilderness, Rebecca asks Tommy to stop the car so that she can relieve herself at the side of the road. Meantime, Tommy leaves the car and is struck and killed suddenly by a passing vehicle. Rebecca and Tommy's parents are stricken with grief. Rebecca wants to use new scientific advancements to have Tommy cloned and thereby bring him back to life. She offers to be impregnated using Tommy's DNA. Though Tommy's mother objects, his father agrees to give Rebecca Tommy's cell material, but urges her to think through her decision carefully before proceeding. Rebecca, however, continues and gives birth to a new Tommy by Caesarean section. Tommy is now raised as Rebecca’s son, and the two have a close relationship. Rebecca presents to him a pleo, an artificial living animal created using new biotechnology. Tommy and his playmates observe a neighbourhood girl and try to determine if she has a “copy smell” as the girl is a clone. The neighbourhood mothers display prejudice against “copies”, expecting Rebecca...
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