The Goods and Services Produced by KAOS-IND

Topics: Honda, Internal combustion engine, Motorcycle Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: August 16, 2012


GOODS The business that I have chosen (KAOS-IND) produces goods and services the goods that they produce are motorcycles which come from the biggest and best factory in china and this factory produces motorcycles which are at the highest standard in quality and strength. The engines that power these motorcycles are a brand called Lifan and Lifan produce some of the best engines in the world such as the small Honda engines so they are at the highest quality you can get from china or any other country.

The services that (KAOS-IND) offers are motorcycle services and repairs that are handled by the manager and founder of the business Mervyn Hill who has been working in the motorcycle trade for over 25 years and when you take your motorbike or ATV to him you know that the highest quality of work and expertise are going into your motorcycle to make it run better, race ready your machine, put high compression pistons in your engine, changing your stock cams to race cams or even having a major service. They also offer tyre changes, bike sales, expert advice and quality repairs, with their state of the art workshop and machines there’s nothing that the guys at (KAOS-IND) can’t do and all of this is done by Mervyn the owner of the shop.

The goods that my business produce are made in a huge factory in china called Lifan industries which is the biggest factory in china. They produce a wide range of products from lawnmowers to tractor to massive 4000cc engines used in tanker ships but what we get from Lifan industries is motorcycle engines, these motorcycle engines are of the highest quality so we know that they are safe and reliable also Lifan makes all of the small Honda engines such as the lawnmowers and chainsaws also the small Honda CRF50 motorcycle engines, so if Honda use them you know that they are at...
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