The Importance in Mothers Returning to the Work Force

Topics: Childbirth, Mother, Full-time Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: October 1, 2010
In our society we live in today, women who continue to work after having children are frowned upon. Women are criticized and blamed for working full time, and not spending enough time with their children. Nowadays, mothers have the luxury to choose between staying at home with their newborn children, and returning back to work. With women in the workforce, it shows their independence and positive effect they have on society. During the early 1900’s, women played one role, to stay at home and raise their children, while their husbands were out making all the money. Unlike the past, women today have the freedom to be successful in any job they pursue. Mothers who work part time after giving birth are able to spend quality time with their children, while pursuing their goals in the workforce. Mothers in contemporary society should work part time in order to participate fully in raising their children while also maintaining a level of individual independence within the workforce.

During a nine month pregnancy, women forget the feeling of working a normal eight hour day. Although raising newborn children can be unbearable at times, working part time can relieve mothers from the anxiety from they may have. Linda Hirshman, in “Off to Work She Should Go,” states that we should care if women leave the workforce because participation in public life allows women to use their talents (465). Women generally begin their success by working full time, focusing only on their career and what lies ahead. After giving birth, not only do their lives change, but their work ethic is affected too. By working part time, women will never lose their attitude towards working at all; instead, they will only become more successful, and not miss out on the important activities throughout their children’s lives. Women show the world that they can balance two tasks, raising a child, and the stress that comes with the workforce. Working immediately after giving birth takes time and dedication....
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