The Jungle

Topics: Drug, Recreational drug use, Pharmacology Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: July 24, 2013
Dear Young Athletes
Being an athlete is all about staying healthy, and making sure your body is capable of doing the sport that you do. Keeping the body healthy will let you have the energy and stamina you need to have a good performance. Also practicing and training your body to maintain a good body weight is also a healthy way to keep your body intact. But then there’s people who try to get pass the practicing and training and try to find another way to stay fit. That other way is called steroids, steroids is a drug that helps enhance the body in a very bad way. People who take steroids start to have severe side effects that will affect their lives forever. Athletes who take steroids may take steroids as a way to build their performance, but what athletes fail to realize that after the use of steroids has taken its part when you start to age, your body starts to go through horrible changes, and also the body is in risk of life taking diseases. For the young athletes I will tell you the importance of why using drugs are bad for your body, and also I will tell you what side effects come with the use of drugs like steroids, marijuana or the misuse of painkillers. To all the young athletes who play any kind of sport or athletic activity, being athletic and abusing drugs are two things that will never go together. When using drugs and playing sports, drugs will decrease your ability of performing the way you need to perform when playing sports. Alcohol is the main drug that some athletes drink or abuse to help stress go away. But what they don’t know is that when drinking or even abusing alcohol, once that alcohol enters your body into the bloodstream, you start to do, and say things that normally you don’t say or do. Also alcohol messes up your liver and as an athlete missing up your liver is an unhealthy thing to do. Drinking can also get you into of trouble maybe with the law or even with your parents. But when getting in trouble with the law you may...
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