the newborn baby

Topics: Childbirth, Neonatal jaundice, Pediatrics Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: April 7, 2014
The newborn baby
a newborn baby appearance is quite different from other babies. A newborn baby is all curled up, the reason for that is they have spent more or less the last 2 months cooped up in a woman’s womb so when they are born they are not used to having space to move their limbs. There hands are clenched into fists because they are not yet able to open there hands up properly and they are also curled up for comfort. When babies are born they can be born with a full head of hair but then again the might not have very much hair, it is different with every baby. When they are born they will be covered in vernix which is a yellow greasy layer over the baby to protect them from the amniotic fluid before they are born but this will come off soon after birth. A baby may become jaundice a few days after they are born which means that there skin is slightly yellow but this will go if they are in sunlight because the UV light will help the kidney to sort itself out. On the top of a babies head the skull will not have fused together when they are born so they will have a fontanelle which is also called a soft spot, this needs to e watched so that nobody bangs it, this will be fused together by 12 months. A baby will also have both finger and toenails when they are born. A newborn has a few reflexes when then they are born, the most obvious reflex is the sucking reflex. When a baby is born and you put something in its mouth then it will automatically suck on it. Another reflex is the rooting reflex, this is also one of the most obvious reflex because when a baby is born and the mother does skin to skin the baby will route for the breast for its first feed. The falling (moro) reflex are when sudden movements that affect the babies neck that may make the baby feel like they are falling so they throw back their arms and open their hands. The grasp reflex is when a babies palm is touched with a finger or other object and they close there hand tightly around the...
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