The Notebook: Best Film I Have Seen

Topics: Film, Love, Love Conquers All Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: October 2, 2007
Like most people I enjoy a relaxing night watching my favorite movie. The most recent best film I have seen is "The Notebook." It is a well known novel brought to the big screen in the year 2004. "The Notebook" is my favorite movie because it talks about young couples who fall in love, misunderstandings that are misconstrued lead to a seperation but then only to overccome those obstaces to bring them back together. It also has a great suspense that gets solved at the end of the movie.

In today's world young love is frowned upon and most say it's an immature love that will never last.The Notebook counteracts this idea and shows how anything is possible. The unlikeliness of the couple Noah and Allie was very low due to the fact they grew up in different social classes and that they were only 17 the summer they fell in love. At first Allie was not intrigued by Noah's motivation and charm. But soon after their first date they were inseparable like most young couples are. They had a good time doing anything and making the most out of it. Sure they had their disagreements but they worked through them because they knew what mattered the most. I have yet to meet a woman today that has not fell in love with this movie. It is an ideal relationship that most men cringe on the thought of. Probably thus the reason I fell in love with the movie. Marrying your high school sweetheart or your college boyfriend is what we all dreamed about. This movie portrays anything bad ever said about young love. It shows it is possible and it is miraculous when you have it.

Another aspect of the movie that has me intrigued into liking the movie would be the that neither Noah nor Allie ever got over their love and tried moving on but realized love conquered all when they reunited. When Allie left because of her parents nervousness about her love for Noah she had no idea what was in store for her future until she meet Lon, a soldier who swept her off her feet and was the...
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