The Purpose Of Secondary Groups

Topics: National Drug Code, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: March 18, 2016

Secondary group’s main purpose is to finish the task. The secondary group I am present is the work group. The work group is consist of four total people including myself. I work at Rite Aid Pharmacy. The main assignments given is to work with the pharmacist as a pharmacy technician to finish the task day to day. Secondary groups has many purpose like completing a project. Completing a project in my secondary group is to help the pharmacist to dispense medication for the patients in need. When a patient comes in with a prescription than first thing I do is ask for their insurance card and general information so that I and my coworker can put it in the computer to process it further. After the label has been printing with all necessary information has been processed through the computer than I go to the shelf to pick up the medication that patient was prescribed by double checking the NDC number on the bottle that medication is in. Every medication has a unique 10 digit, 3 segment number. This number is called NDC number which helps to make sure to release the right drug to patients. After the right medication is picked up you refer to the label to see how many counts has to be released to the patients and you count it and fill it up. After all that is done it is time to double check it by pharmacist with every step I did in his computer as well as checking the medication dispense. Now the third person who works at the register is informed when the prescription is ready than talks to the pharmacist and I about the prescription. Finally the prescription is released to patients by the other pharmacy technician. The secondary group I am in can be classified to be as a committee since couple of pharmacy technician work together to process the multiple prescriptions which is overlooked by the pharmacist at the end. Interdependence is the key of our group to maintain the unity and requires every co-workers equal amount of work to get the job done as a whole. Everyone...
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