The Slow Boiling Of America By Radical Islam

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The Slow Boiling of America by Radical Islam

US Army Officer Major Nidal Malik Hasan’s attack at the Fort Hood Army base on November 5, 2009 killed 13 US soldiers and wounded 30 more. Eyewitness reports state before Hasan opened fire, he yelled “Allahu-Akbar,” which translates as “Allah [God] is great,” a phrase uttered by many radical Muslims in recent history just before committing similar acts of violence in the name of Allah (Allahu Akbar). As shocking as this incident is, it is only one manifestation of a dangerous problem facing America and is realized by only a few. While the US military hunts down Osama Bin Laden and the other terrorists in the Middle East, similar terrorists have been sneaking past enemy lines for years into America’s backyard virtually undetected. Instead of attacking America with suicide bombs and improvised explosive devices, they’re using America’s own laws and culture, sabotaging its way of life from within and converting peaceful, moderate Muslims to the hateful, violent version of Islam known as radical Islam. The radical Islam message to the western world, the West, is chilling; Islam will dominate! Radical Islam is a religious ideology that stretches beyond a person practicing his beliefs alongside others of different religious beliefs. It stretches beyond spreading the word to others that will listen in an effort to convey their deep belief in their religion’s truthfulness. It stretches beyond voting for a representative that will politically fight to defend the moral doctrines of their religion. It stretches beyond all forms of co-existence with anyone who is not Muslim and even fellow moderate Muslims that will not adhere to its interpretation of Islam. Radical Islamist Americans will not be content until Islamic law, Shari ‘a, as stated in the Quran replaces the Bible, the Torah, and the Constitution. If violence must be used to achieve this, violence is used, and believed to be condoned by Allah. I have not seen radical Islamic violence such as Hasan’s attack firsthand, nor have I secretly attended an anti-West Muslim meeting or been to a mosque where the imam is openly spreading Jewish hatred, but I have had extensive contact with Muslims while I was a Mormon Missionary in England. My experience with Muslims through religious debates illustrated their extreme passion for Islam. On many occasions they were loud and angry throughout the debates. For this reason many of the missionaries stayed away from Muslim areas to avoid unpleasant confrontation. However, not all of the Muslims I encountered were overly passionate. I remember speaking with a Muslim in a shopping area, the result being a lengthy, courteous, two-sided religious conversation that was highly educational and rewarding. On another occasion a Muslim invited us to his home to discuss Islam. He graciously served us traditional Arabian dishes that we ate with him and his family. Afterwards we sat in their living room and spoke about Islam and Christianity peacefully for the rest of the evening. These two encounters and a lot of the more passionate encounters were with Muslims that are considered to be moderate Muslims. It is these moderate Muslims, which are the majority in the world of Islam, that are satisfied with living Islam peacefully in the West. The radical Islamists want to convert these moderate Muslims into radicals. The part that is scary and unrealized by Americans is the numbers of Muslims that desire radical Islam’s domination are far greater than the government or the media portray, and many are highly educated with decent incomes. Daniel Pipes, author of Militant Islam Reaches America, board member of the US Institute of Peace, former Professor of History at Harvard, the University of Chicago, and Pepperdine, says in The Third Jihad that 10-15% of Muslims support militant Islam. That is at least 150 million Muslims in the world that support militant Islam, half the population of...

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