The War on Terror

Topics: Iraq, Gulf War, Saddam Hussein Pages: 4 (1530 words) Published: February 2, 2014
Iraq and Iran; Cold War Tension is War on Terror’s Motive
Particular events that took place during the Cold War would later foreshadow and affect the events during the War on Terror, specifically regarding Iran and Iraq. During the Cold War Iraq invaded Iran and thus began the Iran-Iraq War in 1980, which would later involve the United States. This would just be the beginning of the affairs the United States would face when providing support for Iraq through this time. To completely understand the reasoning behind the War on Terror, the history of terrorism should be analyzed between the Cold War and September 11, 2001.The War on Terror was initialized by the attacks that took place on September 11. Although the attacks were carried out by Al Qaeda members, Iran and Iraq were investigated as well. The events during the Cold War provided a framework that would continue to build until the War on Terror campaign was launched. Iran and Iraq maintained a presence through both wars and the incidents that took place throughout the Cold War slowly led to the full blown War on Terror.

As technology advanced, countries struggled for power in an arms and space race throughout the Cold War in 1947. The United States was facing conflict with the Soviet Union, but still provided assistance to Iran and Iraq. America offered support by pressuring reform on Iran, which was suffering from a collapsing economy and a failing regime.1 According to Lisa Wolfe Iran did not fully embrace the support, “Misperception of US motives behind the move for internal change led many to ignore the fact that the US cared about Iran’s domestic politics only so far as they impacted the superpower’s own national interest.”1 The people of Iran believed the United States only had their own good intentions in mind. The United States did take the Iraqi side during the Iran-Iraq War, but China provided Iran with 22 percent of its arms.1 Iran was not at a complete disadvantage in the war, they had a...
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