Three Shots & Indian Camp

Topics: Ernest Hemingway, Caesarean section, Childbirth Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: November 14, 2013
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The story Three Shots is about a little kid, Nick, who is scared of dying. His realization of death has frightened him. He goes from being scared that someday he will die to feeling quite sure that it will be okay. His father, his uncle and himself are camping. Nick remembers, with shame, how he got scared thinking about how he would die one day. When he was alone, he summoned his uncle and father back to camp, by firing three shots into the air with a rifle. The uncle is frustrated, thinking that Nick is a coward. However, his father is more understanding. When they arrive, Nick lies to them. He tells them that he had heard an animal instead of saying he got scared and was too ashamed to tell his father the truth.

The way Ernest Hemingway uses his flashbacks can get a bit confusing at times. However, it gives us wider aspects of Nick’s life. As you now feel that Three Shots and Indian Camp connect.

The story about Indian camp begins at night as Nick, his father, his uncle and their Indian guide row across a lake to a nearby Indian camp. Nick’s father, a doctor, has been called out to deliver a baby for a woman who has been in labor for days. At the camp, the father is forced to perform an emergency caesarean operation on the woman using a jack-knife, with Nick as his assistant. The woman screams throughout the operation, and when Nick’s uncle tries to hold her down, she bites him. After the baby was delivered, Nick’s father turned to the woman’s husband to find that he had fatally slit his throat with a straight razor during the operation. Nick’s father sent him out of the cabin to prevent him seeing this, but it was already too late. The story ends with only Nick and his father on the lake, rowing away from the camp. Nick asks his father why the woman’s husband killed himself, and silently tells himself that he will never die.

Indian Camp and Three Shots is about fear of death. In Three shots, the night before being taken to...
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