To Kill a Mockingbird chapter 25 analysis

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Racism, Northern Mockingbird Pages: 4 (1319 words) Published: December 15, 2013
Chapter 25 begins with Scout and Jem at home, resting on their back porch. Scout spots a roly-poly, and spends the next few minutes poking it. As she attempts to smash the roly-poly, Jem speaks up. “Why couldn’t I mash him?” Scout asked. “Because they don’t bother you,” Jem answered, symbolizing the idea of leaving mockingbirds, and all those that do not harm, alone. Assuming this is just a stage he’s going through, Scout lets it go and starts to doze off. She thinks of Dill and recalls his last days with them. Suddenly, Scout remembers what Dill had told her just before he left. Wide awake, Scout begins to tell the reader Dill’s story. On the way home from a swimming lesson at the creek, Dill and Jem saw Atticus and Calpurnia driving along the highway; they waved to him, trying to catch a ride, but Atticus protested. He said he wouldn’t be home for a while, but after much pleading from Jem, he agreed to take the boys home, as long as they stayed in the car. On the way to their destination, Atticus explained that he needed to deliver the news of Tom Robinson’s death to his family. After arriving at the Robinson’s house, Dill peered out the back seat window. He says that he saw a crowd of black children playing marbles in front of the house. Atticus sent a child to fetch his mother, while he and Calpurnia anxiously waited with the young-uns in the yard. A little girl came to the door, and stood staring at Mr. Finch. Her hair was a stiff wad of tiny pigtails, and she smiled from ear to ear. She tried to walk toward Atticus, but she could not navigate the few steps. Showing his nurturing nature, Atticus took off his hat, offered his finger, and eased her down the steps. Calpurnia held the little girl as Helen Robinson walked towards them. She warmly greeted the two, and then immediately fainted. Just fell down, like a giant stepped on her, as Dill described it. Calpurnia and Atticus lifted Helen to her feet, and helped her inside. Dill said they stayed inside for a...
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