Toddlers in Tiaras

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Destiny Velez
Prof. Banks
English Comp. 1
Summary Response Essay on
“Toddlers in Tiaras”

The article “Toddlers in Tiaras” was written by Skip Hollandsworth which appeared in Good Housekeeping on August 2011. Hollandsworth’s report is used as an argument to persuade the readers to have a negative view on childrens’ beauty pageants. He wrote this article in response to the TLC series of “Toddlers and Tiaras” and the negative effects it has on children and adults.

This article can be divided into six sections. Hollandsworth opens the article describing Eden Wood’s pageant transformation. From early morning hair and make-up to retouching up her spray tan, Eden is ready to strut her $3,000.00 bubble gum pink dress on the pageant runway looking like the Barbie or Madame Alexander doll everyone wants to be and own. Always reminded by her mother that her job is to make everyone love her. Following this section, Hollandsworth reminds the reader of the tragic Christmas murder of Jon Benet Ramsey that took place in Boulder, Colorado and the irony that people remember her more as the famous pageant girl that looked like a baby Marilyn Monroe than the much publicized murder case of a six year old girl that has never been solved. Hollandsworth also presents the reader with a few negative sources of information. The first, through the eyes of a former child contestant that competed with Jon Benet that did not want to be associated with pageants. Also, the trust worthy comments of a reporter that compared Jon Benet pageant videos to “kiddie porn” (Hollandsworth 491). In the third section Hollandsworth presents the reader with the idea of a promise that sells “a tiara.” The writer reminds the reader of the first televised broadcast of the Miss America pageant in 1954 and how that pageant connected princesses to pageants, causing kiddie pageants to emerge in the U.S.A. He also goes on a lengthy description of the high investments parents...

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