Topics: Human, Meaning of life, Life Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Life is a journey……A journey of love and gain, hatred and pain, peace and bliss, darkness and gloom, a journey towards closure. It is an excursion of soul. It is an immortal game of beginnings and endings; beginnings that fade away and endings that close nearer. It is the journey on TRACKS, with TRACKS, towards TRACKS, and away from TRACKS; tracks that take us to fates and destinations; tracks that brew and bake our journey and disband it too; tracks that mould the living and the non-living and demould them too; tracks that activate the existence and pacify it too. TRACKS is the switching on and off of lives, it is the birth and death of life. Tracks are the bars that chain every life-full and lifeless life. It is the reason of being and not being and yet it has no reason to its own being!

The journey of human life initiates on an aching track inside a human life. It is by this way that every track is born from an existing track to give birth to a new track; with the pain and strive for its survival. The birth of a new track, the birth of a human life continues the agony of its journey under its crafting and being crafted. The track then widens and branches into various phases that life has to undergo. Every life possesses its own track which lays a unique awe of colors, flavors, and aromas. The human life begins with the foetal pain and enters the cheerful, merry phase of childhood which is the enlivening arrival of the tracks among other tracks. It chirps with hues of innocence and freedom and the sweet flavour of inexperience and gullibility. Then the phase of adolescence is hoof-marked by the tracks with hues of upcoming maturity and yet instability, impulsiveness, and sentimental blows, blush and gleam, inquisitiveness and irresistibility and the sweet fragrance of a fascinating sense of growing up and yet being juvenile. It is all because of the tracks that change their routes and shapes. Then the youth spreads its golden...
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