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Topics: Rail transport, High-speed rail, Locomotive Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Why people travel by train. The first reason is the speed. The Second one is that you don't have to drive. Third is to take the time to view the countryside.

In my country, the first reason is a waste due to the slow speed of an over 80-year-old system. Therefore the proposition to improve the rail system would meet this purpose. But what about the disadvantage of that fast travel, the costs must increase so travelers pay more for the convenience of speed.

However rail travel also has accidents which can be even more disastrous. As for privacy, there is none on rail travel at this time.

Travelers are crowded into compartments and face additional dangers such as robbery, theft or other criminal activities. One must ask themselves if the convenience is worth the risk. The third purpose would be superfluous, simply because the countryside would fly past preventing those wishing to view the countryside the loss of their original intent.

It would benefit the Government to consider a high-speed rail service for transportation of goods for expediency and to include many side-rail destinations to less accessible destinations.

Viet Nam's infrastructure regarding rail transportation needs an upgrade, without a doubt, but additionally many more smaller villages, towns and cities need to be included in the overall planning stage to improve access to outlying districts.

Current costs are not viable due to the greater expense necessary to operate an upgraded rail system, therefore prices would inevitably rise. Viet Nam's current economy could not support the increase in pricing.

People, especially the poor, live adjacent to railways and children often play along those encroachments. New laws would be required to provide a safe environment for trains to travel without endangering the citizens.

Currently, road barriers indicating an approaching train are not adequate as proven by the numerous accidents and deaths to people crossing unmarked or...
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