Trend of Self Medication Among Youngsters

Topics: Medicine, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Pages: 15 (4920 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Objective: To determine the trend of self medication among youngsters.
Methods: A survey was conducted in 4 areas of Karachi, Pakistan during May 2012. Data collected was entered using SPSS version 17 to generate descriptive statistics. Data analyzed done using chi-square test to check the associations among variables. Results: The result shows that the number of youngsters participated in this study were 100, having age range of 14-27 years, the overall response is positive. There females were 37 (37%) and males were 63 (63%).This was reflected by the majority of the samples was undergraduate youngsters. By the research we get the result that people think that they could understand their own illness themselves and that leads them to self medication. Qualification and understanding own illness is not independent. Lack of time is found to be a fact that males do self medication more often then females the trend towards self medication is increasing day by day. Conclusion: Self medication practice increasing in the youngsters of Karachi, Pakistan mostly in males and undergraduate youngsters under age of 18-22. The reason is lack of time or not consulting to the doctor. Need to educate the youngsters to avoid such practice majority know that self medication is incorrect and some time cause side effect.

Key words: Self medication, youngsters, trend, prescription.

1.1 Background of the study
Self-medication is defined as obtaining and using medicine without the suggestion of a doctor either for diagnosis. Drugs for self-medication are normally name as 'nonprescription' or 'over the counter' (OTC) and are obtainable without advice of doctor's through chemists. Self medication is nowadays gradually being considered as a self-care component. Support of self-care is seen as give patients' every view to take accountability and create self-confidence in their ability to deal with their own health. Unlike other characteristics of self-care, self-medication involves the use of medicines and medicines have the potential to do better as well as cause harm. This is mainly concern to these countries where there is lack of enforcement of system leading to accessibility of non prescription medicines over the counter like Pakistan. This results in extensive use of such drugs which is related with serious undesirable effects. Numerous cases studies have stated that unsuitable self-medication outcomes in wastage of resources and causes serious health hazard such as unwanted drug reactions, prolonged suffering and drug dependence. When the medication correctly done, self-medication might be save the time which spent in waiting to see a physician, may be cost-effective and also propose savings for medical schemes and the general healthcare system. The WHO has also pointed out that dependable self-medication can help patient and treat illness that do not need medical consultation and gives a cheaper option for treating common diseases. With self-medication, the person tolerates primary accountability for the use of self-medication products. All parties concerned in self-medication should be attentive of the advantages and disadvantages of any self-medication product. Through many studies have been conducted in different populations to appraise the practice of self-medication there is a scarceness of studies on self-medication among university and medical students. To enhance our knowledge we carry on this agenda and targeted the youngsters to find out the practices of self-medication in youngsters of Karachi. This study is conduct on trend of Self-medication in youngsters of Karachi. Self medication trend is continuously increasing in youngsters. This study might be helpful to determine the rate of self medication in youngster of schools, colleges and universities of Karachi. This study also explores the injurious effects of self medication, causes for not discussing...
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