Triumph Launching Event

Topics: Brand, Motorcycle, Clothing Pages: 17 (5200 words) Published: November 24, 2010

Executive Summary3
Customer Profile6
Environmental scan7
SWOT Analysis7
PEST Analysis9
Store observations10
Shoppers Behavior11
Online shop12
Ideas / Amendments for functional and creative online services12 Brand Awareness Survey14
Motorcycle range14
Clothing and accessories17
Conclusion and Recommendations21
Range evaluation21
Triumph dealers’ range21

Executive Summary

Firstly, we shall present a little information about the company. The company was formed as a bicycle manufacturing company by Siegfried Bettmann in Coventry in 1887. In 1967, the production of the motorbike peaked at 47,000 units in this year. Unfortunately the business went into liquidation because lack of government backing. But in that year, John Bloor, a businessman who is the current owner of the company, bought the land where the factory located and therefore have the rights to the name of Triumph and assembles a team to develop a new range. In 2008, the company could break the record of its peak production. They were able to produced more than 50,000 units in this year. Triumph now has five factories and all are 100 percent owned by the company. Two of these factories are based in Hickley, UK and the other three factories are in Chonburi, Thailand. The clothing and accessories are made in China. For Triumph motorcycle, there are six range which can be classifies as the following; Supersport, Adventure, Touring, Classics, Cruisers and Roadsters. The age ranges for each range are different from each other. The younger target market is more attracted to the Supersport, adventure and roadster range whereas touring and cruisers range attracts more of 45-60 years old. The range that is the most popular and has the biggest volume sold is the classic. Whereas the roadsters range has the most competitors. There are 54 dealerships in United Kingdom and Ireland. Sixteen of these are multi- franchise dealers and 38 are solus dealers. All of these dealerships are franchised. All dealers must follow brand standard such as colour the store blue with wooden floor. Fifty percent of the stores will have PCA specialist. There are 16 subsidiary markets and 36 countries nationwide.


The aim of this project is to propose an effective launching event of Triumph clothing range to dealers around UK using the range evaluation that we have researched. Having an effective launching event can help the company to maximize and maintain relationships with the dealers in order to secure orders. This project also hoping to improve with the order management process which can reduce cost and time benefits both the company and dealers. We have been given the opportunity to evaluate and improve the sell at the launching event for the Autumn/Winter 2011 Triumph clothing collection. Triumph is a motorcycle company whom also sell biker’s clothing and accessories range. Their objective is to promote and be more emphasize with this range where they see potential opportunity. This project aims to gain knowledge about how to expand Triumph’s clothing collection to non-biker customers. We are appointed to evaluate and suggests a new lunching event(s) to dealers around UK. The problem that they are having now is that their clothing and accessories range are only known among bikers. It is our mission to come up with strategy to maximize their profit by expanding their customer base. We are here to think of ways that can attract those who are non-bikers. For clothing and accessories, they will launch 2 collections twice a year, which consists of Spring/Summer collection and Autumn/Winter collection. The collection is made up of core and seasonal items. Core items are the items regarding to the season and the dealers can reorder any time because the stock is at Headquarter. For seasonal items, they focus on the climate during that particular time of the...
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