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Topics: Islam, Al-Qaeda, Qur'an Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Is Islamophobia a Problem in the U.S.?
On August of 2010 in the city of New York a man was stabbed after the passenger asked if he was a Muslim. Muslims around the U.S. are being treated unfairly. There are many reasons why Islamophobia is becoming a problem in the U.S. Due to the violent events that extremists have been responsible for and involved in, Islamophobia has increased in the recent years of America. After the attack of 9/11, Muslims are now seen to be terrorists, and the whole religion of Islam is believed to be filled with violence. The terrorist group Al- Qaeda took responsibility for the attack. A man named Mohammed Atta and 19 others, all Muslims and part of Al- Qaeda, were responsible for the hijacking of the plane which was flown into the World Trade Center building in New York. The attack killed 2,966 civilians and the 19 terrorist. In Afghanistan and Iraq the U.S. are fighting Muslim extremist and they are believed that they are the reason why the U.S. economy dropped so drastically. There are many stereotypes toward the Muslim people and their religion. In the media Islam is portrayed as a violent and horrible religion. They believe that the whole Islam religion is meant to kill people that are non Muslims. Also because of the actions of terrorist groups, such as Al- Qaeda and the Taliban, Islam is seen as a sexist religion that think men are more superior to woman. The American people do not understand that those people are Extremist and do not know the correct religion of Islam. The true Islam religion gives the Muslim women more rights then men. It is also strongly against fighting and war, killing just to kill non Muslims is a sinful in Islam. They only times it is allowed to kill someone is to defend your religion, defend your family, or to defend your country. In the Quran verse 5:87 it says “and do not aggress; God does not like the aggressors.” (“Turn To Islam”) The Muslim people are often seen in the media as...
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