Truth of Music

Topics: Soviet war in Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda Pages: 4 (1518 words) Published: February 1, 2014

The Truth of Music
Many individuals are confused about the message that hip hop and rap send to their audiences. Some say rap and hip hop are a bad influence on society. Others believe rap and hip hop are a representation of themselves and their lives on a personal level. Felipe Andres Coronel, also known as Immortal Technique, is a Peruvian born American rapper as well as an urban activist. His music is hardcore, violent, graphic, and also very credible. One of his more political songs explain his views more in detail, the song is called “The Cause of Death.”

In the track “The Cause of Death, “Immortal Technique goes on to describe the events that occurred on September 11th. He also mentions events that affect the becoming of 9/11 and also the outcome. This is a representation that is applied to show how music can be a voice for the masses. He utilizes this medium as a conduit that questions the logic that is associated with the events of 9/11 and how this logic was promoted to create an emotional response and reaction amongst the American people. “Turn a Sambo into a Soldier with just one line, now here’s the truth about the system that will fuck up your mind. They Gave Al Qaeda 6 billion dollars in 1989 to 1992, and now the last chapters of revelation are coming true.” (Colonel)

After the Soviets left Afghanistan in 1989, the Afghan Communists were left to fight the Mujahedeen (those against the communist government) by themselves. This civil war lasted from February of 1989 to April of 1992, with the result of the Afghan communist government falling. The US government trained, armed, funded, and supported Osama Bin Laden and his followers in Afghanistan during the Cold War. With a huge investment, the CIA effectively created and nurtured Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terrorist network using taxpayer’s money. This logic represents a paradoxical measure which had been applied to create an effective solution that was aimed at overall change.


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