Unit 11 Health and Social Care P5

Topics: Decision making, Abuse, Health care Pages: 4 (1015 words) Published: November 27, 2013
Unit 11
Outline working strategies and procedures to reduce the risk of abuse

Multi agency working
This is where professionals from multiple agencies meet together to work towards the best possible care of an individual. They will combine their skills and do a single assessment to assess needs of the client, as opposed to each professional doing an individual assessment. Working in partnerships with adults using services

This is where encouragement for the use of services helps to gain trust between professionals and clients or their families. By ensuring of policies and working routines, then the cared for individual can feel more confident that they will be able to flag up any concerns, worries or comments. It promotes a better relationship between cared-for and care-giver. ISA

This protects vulnerable adults from people who may want to abuse them, or have a history of abusing. Before a paid worker or voluntary worker can work with vunerable adults, they will have to be vetted and have a check for no prior history of abuse. If a person has a history of abusing, then they will be placed on a ‘barred’ list and will then be unable to work with vulnerable people. This means that employers will have to receive appropriate references, have a DBS check done and check the barred list, before they can employ a person to work with vulnerable adults. Criminal Records Bureau

People who wish to work with vulnerable adults will have to undergo and in-depth DBS check before they are able to work with vulnerable people. This check looks at their criminal history. It will show any previous cautions or convictions. No Secrets

This guideline means that any group, no matter how big or small, must have a set of policies and guidelines about what is expected of the people who work within the organisation. It shows staff members what is appropriate and inappropriate care. Codes of Practice

This sets standards for all people working with vulnerable people,...
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