Unit 18 Cache Level 3 Childcare and Education

Topics: Childbirth, The Child, Childhood Pages: 8 (3163 words) Published: June 27, 2013
Unit 18 - Working with abies from birth to 12 months
E1- Summarise the factors which may influence the health and development of babies in the first year of their lives Environmental factors such as not having enough space in the garden for babies to move around to play and explore will influence their development as they maynot be able to expand their fine and gross motor skills. The environment can affect babies health and development as people around the baby who may smoke can transfer that smoke to the baby even if the smoke isnt directly infront of them. By having a ward and consistant home this can help the baby feel safe and secure therefore maintaining their health and development. Parents may not be able to afford toys and equipment for their child to play with, this may affect the child as the child may not get to experience different experiences. A stimulating environment for a baby is important as they will learn according to the opportunities they get, objects such as rattles, musical toys will encourage movement and interaction. Physical- This is important as babies development can be affected by this. The mother may not be able to take the baby for walks outside or carry the baby around or upstairs/downstairs due to disabilities that the mother or parents may have in general. Genetics is another factor which may influence health and development of the child as some illnessess are inherited. An example is Downs Syndrome, this is a genetic condition that causes physical and intellectual impariments. The mothers health plays a vital role in the development of a baby as women who are in good health during pregnancy are more likely of having a healthy baby, as the baby will be getting all the nurtition it needs to develop. If the mother is not healthy the baby will be affected by this. Emotional- After having a baby some mothers suffer or develop from post natal depression and this can affect how the mother and babys bond in the first few months. After a difficult birth post natal depression may develop, some women suffer generally from depression, if it has taken a mother a while to fall pregant and have children, and some women may develop this for some unkown reason. "During the first month, some babies may develop faster or slower than average; this is only rarely a sign of a medical condition. Preterm babies born before the 37th week of pregnancy are physically younger than their full-term peers, so they may show signs of cognitive or physical delays. However, most preterm infants "catch up" to their peers during the first or second year of life. Other factors that influence a newborn's development include genetics, environment and the caregivers' levels of interaction."


E2/C1- Describe how indoor and outdoor environments can be made safe, reassuring and stimulating Indoor and outdoor environments can be made safe by making sure children are looked after and cared for properly and never left alone, so there must be correct ratios in the setting, ratios are stated under Ofsted and the EYFS to make sure the children have the right amount of care attention they need. If theres not correct ratios the children can be put at risk, and this may cause accidents. By following all the correct policies and procedures and checking all eqiupment is safe for the child to use. Risk assessments must be done before the children can go into the environment and the environment must be adapted for all childrens individual needs so they are able to learn and achieve. From providing the correct equipment this will help develop the childrens individual skills. By having a safe and secure environment children will feel comfortable and safe which is important. The indoor environment should feel homely so the children will feel settled and comfortable in the environment. It is important to let children to give their input in the indoor areas,...
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