Unit 18: P1 – an explanation, including all the main points relating to two different jobs you can do in the health care profession.

Topics: Childbirth, Emergency medical services, Ambulance Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: April 13, 2014
 P1 – an explanation, including all the main points relating to two different jobs you can do in the health care profession. M1 – an assessment of how particular skills contribute to providing a positive experience for users of care services There are many health care professions in the world and in this essay I going to explain two of them. In detail I will describe what the job involves and where this job is suited. I will also briefly explain the qualifications that are needed for the two jobs (P1). After explaining each job role I will then explain the skills needed in order to work in the two health care professions and why they are important when making positive experience for a patient (M1 & D1). The first job I am going to describe is a Paramedic. A paramedic is often one of the first health care professionals on the scene of an accident of emergency. There is either one or two-person ambulance crew, alongside an emergency care assistant or ambulance technician to assist them. A paramedic works in the ambulance service, responding to all sorts of incidents, such as road accidents or sport injuries. They are trained well to make sure the patient is stable and taken to a hospital for treatment as quickly as possible. They are also trained to drive, what is in effect a mobile emergency clinic and resuscitate/ stabilise patients using sophisticated techniques, as well as equipment and drugs. Paramedics need to be calm at the incident scene as there are normally scenes of shock and panic. A paramedic must also be calm because situations can be life and death. Every accident and emergency requires different procedures and practices so it is most preferred that the individual is highly skilled and is able to use the right methods to help a patient. A paramedic needs to be decisive and use their quick thinking skills as well as provide a reassuring environment for the patient and their relatives. It is also important for a paramedic to have communication...

References: http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk/explore-by-career/midwifery/skills-required/
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