Unit 208 Assignment Av And Avi

Topics: Pharmacology, Prescription drug, Food and Drug Administration Pages: 9 (371 words) Published: March 22, 2015
Understand Health and Safety
in Social Care Settings
Assignment 208
Task Av and Avi

Responsibilities of the Social Care
Before you can administer any medication

you should be trained in the Administration of
There should be designated staff responsible
for ordering, receiving etc
All medication should be handled and stored
Audit and recording responsibilities
Staff who have not had training has
limitations and should be supervised by
trained staff

Obtaining Medication
Ordering medication must be authorised

and be ordered by trained staff
Medication must be supplied by authorised
staff (pharmacies)

Storage of Medication
All medication must be secured safely preferably

in a locked cupboard.
The cupboard should be off the floor and fixed to
the wall
Kept organised and tidy
Medication should be stored below 25C and out
of direct sunlight. Be aware of the requirements
for storage temperatures as some medication
have to be stored at low temperatures
The most senior person on duty must keep the
medication key on their person at all times.

Administration of Medication
It is the designated responsibility of trained

staff to administer medication
Whenever possible use a non-touch
Follow all infection control procedures
Follow medication instruction

Recording Responsibilities
Every record related to and involved in

medication administration must be
Written in black ink,
Legible so others can read it,
Completed by the person who did the task,
not someone on their behalf
Must be completed at the time the task
Initialled by the person who did the task

If the medication is refused or missed the

MAR sheet (Medication Administration
Record) should be completed and initialled
Procedures must be in place for any
medication that has been prescribed for
‘prn’ (as required)
Never accept a verbal instruction to change
any medication

Medicines Act 1968 –
 This was the first comprehensive

legislation on medicines in the UK. It
classifies Medicines into the following
categories - Prescription only Medicines,
Pharmacy Only Medicines General Sale List

The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 –
This prohibits the possession, supply and

manufacture of medicinal and other
products except where such possession,
supply and manufacture has been made
legal by the Misuse of Drugs Act.
This legislation is concerned with controlled

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