Unit 3222-244

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A person centred approach is a way of caring for someone and supporting them as the central concern. An example of this is when administering medication. One service user I work with finds it hard to take medication due to her processing difficulties, this is because of a cognitive impairment. This particular individual needs time to go through various stages before taking her medication. This will start initially with a 10 minute countdown until time for medication. Once the countdown is finished the medication is offered, usually by her terms and conditions. She likes to be in control and instruct you through the administering where to put the medication down and also her drink. It is our duty to be patient, show respect and not force her to take them as this is abusing her right of choice. Sometimes she may become stuck going through stages and so, shorter 5 minute countdowns are given to support her through this. Sometimes she may refuse to take medication and this could be a one off or escalate daily. If she refuses to take her medication consecutively over 3 days, then her GP will be contacted to seek further advice and support on what to do next. The GP will give professional advice in order to provide the best positive care towards the individual and aid in continued support. If she continues to refuse medication then a best interest meeting can be set up where the individuals GP, care manager, social worker, parents/guardians can get together and discuss what would benefit her. They can work together to come up with a solution that is in her best interest.


Outcome 1

1. Accessing a range of services can be beneficial to an individual’s well being as it helps to promote good health. You can find facilities they enjoy, which benefits them greatly in providing variety and positive change in their life.

2. They may have to share certain facilities with other members of the public and they may not work well with others. The resulting...
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