Unit 7 D1

Topics: Medicine, Demography, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (651 words) Published: October 9, 2014
In the assignment I will be evaluating how Marxism and Feminism fit into the statistic I have in P3 and how I think they fit into them. I will also be evaluating how good my statistic I found was and the strengths and weakness’ that they have and then coming to a conclusion. The statistics that I found where based on infant mortality and life expectancy where I compared them to two different areas to see the difference. Due to me getting results from different years I believe that my evidence was quite good as it gave me a wide range to use. I was then able to see the differences in the areas over the years and see if everything changed and if so what affects it had. The weakness’ from the evidence is the fact that it wasn’t completely up to date as the results only went to 2010 therefore the statistics weren’t truly accurate. Over all I think the statistics were good to look at as I was able to see how they compared in different areas and the reasons because of that. Marxism believe in different social classes having an effect on people health, the lower the class the poorer the health you have. Putting this in a perspective of life expectancy it mean that the lower the class the lower the life expectancy is probably going to be due to ill health, poverty and not being able to get the treatment that they are in need of. Therefore the better health care you can get due to the better medical equipment, the longer you are going to live. An example of this is better equipment to help cancer sufferers, due to the better care it is found that they are living 10 years longer then what they normally would. In an infant mortality point of view, once again it is down to better medical equipment in higher social classes. Because of this they are able to monitor pregnancies in order to reduce any risks to both the mother and baby during birth and better of the medical help after the baby is born, there is a much better chance of them living after a problem during birth....
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