Unit 8 – Impact of War, Conflict & Terrorism on the UPS

Topics: United Kingdom, British Army, Army Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: June 10, 2014
Unit 8 – Impact of War, Conflict & Terrorism on the UPS D1 – Evaluate the impact of war, conflict and terrorism on one UK Public Service For this assignment I have decided to specifically look at how the British Army are affected. WAR

If there is a war and NATO decides that the UK needs to provide direct military action then the British Army will have to be prepared. War affects the army as an organisation because it means they will lose soldiers and have to retrain new ones. An example of this would be the crash of Nimrod XV230 which killed everyone on board, that highlighted the cost-pressure of the war. The training and recruiting of troops is expensive enough but to constantly sustain the high amount of soldiers that is required in a war such as Afghanistan it comes with great financial struggles, some soldiers have even had to do multiple tours in Afghanistan. Financial cuts are just getting more severe as well, in 2010 there were 102,000 trained personnel ready to support the UK but by the year 2020 there is only going to be 82,000. With this come more struggle and a more intense battle for any soldier fighting in a war in the future. Providing soldiers for a war also puts strain on welfare officers as they are the ones who have to deal with helping the wounded, grieving families and children who have lost fathers. Because the UK have had to provide such a strong army for many years now and have lost so much funding it means that they can’t afford to keep on anyone who is badly injured and those who claim compensation will not receive anything near what they may have in the past, this will directly affect the economy as these injured soldiers may not be able to return to a civilian job and will claim benefits. The war in Afghanistan caused the army to be equipped with a lot of new high tech equipment in a really short space of time, this meant they had to operate and maintain this equipment which weighs down logistics and is very costly in the long...
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