United States and Evidence Possible Thesis

Topics: United States, Taliban, Pakistan Pages: 3 (358 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Thesis Development Worksheet

Step 1: Deriving a main point from a topic

|Topic |Initial evidence from background research |Purpose Statement | |Ex: The drug trafficking problems in |Ex: (From Newsweek) |Ex: The purpose of the paper will be to | |Afghanistan and the role of the U.S. |Since the fall of the Taliban, drug |explore the complex interaction between the| | |trafficking and drug use in Afghanistan has|war on drugs and the war on terrorism, | | |skyrocketed. |specifically, in Afghanistan. | | |Some of the U.S.’s best informants are the | | | |new drug lords of Afghanistan. | | | | | | | |Initial conclusions: The war on terrorism | | | |is in direct conflict with the war on | | | |drugs. | |

|Topic |Initial evidence from background research |Purpose Statement | |Ergogenic aid use in athletes of today, |(Personal Experience) |The purpose of the paper will be to show | |specifically high school athletes. |Creatine helps an athlete recover faster to|the ergogenic aids are not unsafe and that | |...
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