use of animals in experiments

Topics: Participation, Placebo, Pharmacology Pages: 1 (530 words) Published: October 21, 2014

Assignment # 1 Essay
Topic Directions
Answer each of the following in detail
Do you agree with the use of the animals in experiments? Why or why not? Fully explain your response. Points to consider in your response: The purpose of the study
The type of study (observational, medical, etc)
The type of animals being used
The use of animals in experiments can be extremely helpful in understanding humans. Animals have similar physiology, genetics, similar learning and emotional processes as humans. I believe animal experiments are necessary in order to advance medical, biological, and behavioral knowledge. The type of animal used is important depending on the purpose of the research. Typically mice, rats, monkeys and dogs are used in research. Testing an experimental medical drug should begin with animals and then progress to human subjects. Experimental drug trials with animals can help determine the safety, whether the drug works, and how effective it is. Animals trials help determine side effects, how the body reacts, and possible side effects. It would be unethical to discover the impact of an experimental drug on humans without knowing if it is safe. Without the use of animals, it is impossible to prove safety. Participants should have the right to an explanation of the study before they agree to participate. Information regarding the purpose of the research, length of time expectations and benefits the research would provide. Participant’s personal information and participation should be kept confidential. Study should not physically or mentally harm the participant. Participants should be told accurate information regarding the research study but the researchers can deceive the participant with use of a placebo. Placebo is a fake treatment which is used to measure the placebo effect. Placebo effect is an effect on behavior, which causes the participant to believe they have received legitimate treatment that is being studied. Participants are usually...
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