Use of Violence

Topics: Terrorism, United States, Al-Qaeda Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: September 16, 2013
20 February 2013
The Use of Violence
Violence used as a solution to injustice is only acceptable when it is necessary to prevent innocent people from being harmed from a threat such as terrorism. In order to stop terrorists from causing mass destruction to our country, we must act fast. Terrorists not only cause destruction, but they also affect innocent people who aren’t even involved with the problems the terrorists may have. To stop them quickly and not let them become even more dominate by attacking again, we must use violence. Some people use Terrorism, the use of fighting in pursuit of governmental aims, in order to obtain political change. In the book “The anatomy of Terrorism” by David E. Long, he explains that normally “the victims are not the real target to the terrorist attacks-that is the governing authorities the terrorists are seeking to intimidate” (123). For some people, when a problem arises they resort to violence as a solution to their issue. When people act this way, many innocent people are harmed by the terrorists who are trying to achieve a goal. When these terrorists strike, they are indirectly fighting their true victim, the government, thus causing others to be harmed. Although terrorism is one way that can help the terrorists achieve their goal, it is also a tactic that causes uninvolved citizens to be harmed. Some people try to bend the truth and feel that what they are doing is acceptable even though it is not. The truth is that most religions dislike the idea of terrorism. In the book “The Ultimate Sacrifice by David Baker, he states that “No major religious group accepts the right of one human to kill another for personal gain or to destroy life for an idea” (lines 15-16). Terrorists are going against what religious groups accept, but the religions are tolerable to people trying to stop them for the better of their country. There are many ways to go about solving a problem, and terrorism is a very destructive and intimidating...

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