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Vark Analysis

By deeasto Mar 10, 2013 998 Words
VARK Analysis
Darlene Causey
Grand Canyon University: NRS 429V
February 24, 2013

VARK Analysis
Students come in different ages, diverse cultural backgrounds, and have different learning styles. At an early age, we develop learning styles. As a child we learn in different ways and as we become adults, our learning style is developed. When a student is in class, educated, the instructor needs to be using the most suitable learning styles. No one learns and processes information in the same way as someone else. When you are aware of your style, you can learn more effectively and in a timelier manner. One of the most common and widely used categorizations of the various types of learning styles is Neill Fleming’s VARK model The result of the VARK questionnaire for student Darlene Causey is mild Read/Write learning style.

Fleming’s VARK model
The VARK learning style includes; Visual learning, Aural learning, Read/Write Learning, Kinesthetic learning, and Multimodal learning. Knowing your learning style through the VARK analysis questionnaire tool can be very beneficial. Knowing which learning style you adapt can help you is a successful student. Even though the ideas of learning styles are well known, there are loads of misunderstandings of what each represent independently. Visual is understood mostly as students learn through pictures, seeing the demonstration and movies. This is not true, visual learners process information better graphs and diagrams. Aural learning is done mostly through hearing lectures, reading out load to themselves and even debating in a group setting. Read/Write learners read, read, and re-read information, and take extensive notes in class. This learning style is used by the educational system is built on read/write style. Kinesthetic learners like to touch, perform the tasks, doing the problem, and actively participating in developments. Multimodal learners do not have one strong style that dominates. These learners usually adapt to the style that is being presented to them. They use two or more styles as they are studying. Read/Write Learning Style Having a strong preference for learning in the read/write learning style, there is many ways in which to take in the information that is being presented. The identified strategies for read/write learning style are; headings, dictionaries, glossaries, definitions, handouts, textbooks, readings, notes (often verbatim), essays, and manuals "The VARK Questionnaire: How Do I Learn Best?” (2012). Most instructors use this style when lecturing in the classroom setting. It is used when taking on-line classes. The material is given in lecture, textbooks, and reading on-line. Believing that retaining information best by reading and writing notes. On-line textbooks are a great way to learn new information. Printing the information to read again and again is a great practice to retain the information read. Writing short bullet points on the data, you learn more from when writing it down. Making lists, reading the chapters over and over again to understand the new information is beneficial distinctive characteristics of the read/write learning style. According to the help sheets on VARK questionnaire; many of the items listed in Intake such as, to take in the information are characteristics of myself. It may be too simple to assume that the quantity of time spent studying directly impacts academic performance without regard to other, more qualitative variables, such as motivation, ability, and study habits. Changes in study habits To become a superior learner and to become a more successful student, consider other learning styles. Studying new material can be challenging. Having the ability to adapt to better facilitate learning new material presented is valuable. Knowing that there are many different learning styles helps to venture towards other avenues when having difficult time understanding information. Anxiety can often inhibit one’s learning and thinking processes. A faculty instructor can offer caring words that often ease the anxiety of the student. According to Hutchinson & Goodin (2013) “Nursing student anxiety becomes a teaching/learning opportunity for nursing faculty and students when anxiety interferes with learning outcomes and inhibits higher orders of thinking.” Studying with an open mind and less stress will open the doorway to more comprehension and understanding of the material read. “Although not every learning strategy or study habit produces useful results in terms of academic achievement, it would be expected that students who possess good study habits in general are better performers than are those students with poor study habits. There is some empirical evidence that shows that study habits impact academic performance” (Nonis & Hudson, 2010). This period of time with the advanced technology and Internet classes offered to further educational degrees, a student must have technology skills to become an overall successful Internet student. According to Limayem & Cheung, 2010, “Internet-based learning technologies designers can make use of the discussion forums of the Internet-based learning technologies to facilitate in-class and off-class discussion among students and instructors, and they can also make lecture notes and other materials available for downloading by the students”. There are advanced improvements in Internet-based technology that help assist both the student and instructor. The read/write learning style is easily adapted when applying to Internet based classes. . Incorporating multimodal learning styles will provide a more versatile learning experience. Darlene Causey, a RN-BSN student, was analyzed with read/write learning style. Knowing the student’s learning style will help the student be more successful.

Hutchinson, Terri L. MSN, RN, CNL, CHPN; Goodin, Heather Janiszewski PhD, RN, Journal of

Holistic Nursing. 31(1):19-24, March 2013.

Limayem, M., & Cheung, C. K. (2011). Predicting the continued use of Internet-basedlearning technologies: the role of habit. Behaviour & Information Technology, 30(1),91-99. doi:10.1080/0144929X.2010.490956 Nonis, S. A., & Hudson, G. I. (2010). Performance of College Students: Impact of Study Time and Study Habits. Journal Of Education For Business, 85(4), 229-238.doi:10.1080/08832320903449550 "The VARK Questionnaire: How Do I Learn Best?” (2012). Retrieved from

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