War on Terrorists

Topics: Al-Qaeda, Islam, United States Pages: 5 (1729 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Minh Huynh
Anupama Gopal Mande
War on Terrorists
Should the U.S.A. be afraid of terrorists? The answers might depend on which party the question is addressing to. The governments might say no because they are better protected than many others, while the people might say yes because they know that they are the actual victims that are getting hurt. Terrorist is different in definition according to different organizations. However, all of them agree upon the key elements of terrorist, which are violence, fear and intimidation. Unlike criminal, terrorists are those who seek attentions from the populace, governments and the world to their cause. Terrorists are very faithful to theirs’ believes and their organizations, thus explaining why they are willing to risk themselves in suicidal acts in order to spread what call justice throughout the world. It is mostly the developed countries that are being targeted because they have power, resources, and well respected throughout the world. If terrorists succeed in influence one of those countries, other nations and other developing countries could possibly be influenced as well. The United States of America is no exception. Even with its well known highly organized military, terrorists still view the U.S.A. as its primary target since 1920 until today. All terrorists’ acts toward the US are motivated by many perspectives and different individual believes, however, many of them still share one ultimate goal that is to win control over the most powerful country in the world. They believe that if their messages were to be heard by the American then it would be heard throughout the globe. Some terrorists target America simply because they dislike the way the American express their freedoms. According to the article Hating America, Daniel L. Byman, the research director at the Rand Corporation's Center for Middle East Public Policy, said, “When they think of America, they’re not thinking of the land of Thomas Jefferson; they’re thinking of the land of Britney Spears and jokes about sexuality on every sitcom they watch.” This implies that when a country, such as an Islamic country, talks about America they are only talking about the images and television broadcasts of many provocative American entertainers that are viewed as offensive in the Islamic culture. For example, Britney Spear is viewed to be too appealing to the Islamic world, whereas their women are required to cover their bodies and forbid to speak with male strangers in the public. The Islamic world is seeing a very disturbing social order that is very different from their traditional believes. They are seeing that their traditional values have been degraded as some of their followers are no longer inhibiting a pure spiritual mind. Many traditional and conservative countries fear of the potential threat that America could do to their culture. Due to freedom of speech, many governments from such countries cannot block the global dissemination of American culture: such as movies, television programs and music, which many conservative nations considered to be distasteful. Many riots have been put up by Islamists about the matter, but according to Byman, “I don't think the Islamists can win the war on American culture because their people want it. It's not like we're forcing U.S. movies down the throats of the Pakistanis. They want them.” This means that the U.S. could not just stop doing something that greatly benefits their finance just because some cultures are offense by it. The U.S. argues that they are not forcing, but actually let these cultures have the choice of whether or not to view their programs. Moreover, even if the U.S. were to corporate with these traditional cultures, they can’t promised that the followers won’t find these programs in the black-market. In conclusion, some organizations in the Islamic and Muslim nations still believe that the U.S.A. is to blame for corrupting their cultures,...
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