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Topics: Tram accident, Motorcycle safety, Motorcycle Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: October 25, 2012
Ryan J Kincade
Mentor Lisa A. Wellinghoff
7 June 2012

Why you should highly consider motorcycle riding for a hobby

I’m sure by now at some point in your life you have seen a motorcycle go by and have thought to yourself what would that be like to drive. Instead of wasting time thinking about it you can do something about it and even get your license without owning a motorcycle. You will not get the same experience out of buying a video game console and games which can cost over 1000usd depending on how many games you buy. 1000usd can easily buy yourself a second hand motorcycle, and just think after all those video games are played what have you experienced other the same 4 walls in your room. Maybe video games aren’t your thing or you already have a hobby, but motorcycle riding ranks high according to many people as one of the best bang for your buck hobbies out there.

One reason you should choose motorcycle riding as a hobby is because compared to some hobbies it Is relatively cheap. I know what your thinking, cheap? After the initial cost of purchasing a motorcycle it can also save you money on gas, double as a cheap second form of transportation, and pay for itself in the first year from the gas savings alone. Some motorcycles get 70mpg-motorcycles owners report average of 56 miles per gallon-which is still a great savings and beats most current hybrid cars (Jeremy , 2008, sec. 1.2). Many people have already chosen motorcycle riding as a hobby for the open air sensation, others for the fuel savings, and yet others for a whole mixture of reasons. A good indication that the hobby of motorcycle riding is cheap was when gas went up in 2008. I found some interesting information on motorcycle registration-As Allstate points out, ten years ago, there were roughly four million cycles registered in the United States. This year, there are over six million bikes registered-(Jeremy , 2008, sec. 1.6). In my personal opinion it is not...
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