What if it Were You?

Topics: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: March 7, 2014
What if it Were You?

If teenagers were able to buy, or receive birth control, without their parents consent would the world be a totally different place? If teenagers had access to birth control more easily then there would be less teen pregnancies. Teenagers that are sexually active would still be able to further their education, their career path, and they would not have such high costs such as paying for diapers, if they could receive birth control more easily. Teenagers would be less likely to become pregnant if they were given some sort of birth control. According to (aceslux.com), birth control is ninety-two to ninety-nine percent effective, depending on what type of birth control. Less than one of one hundred women will get pregnant each year while taking the pill each day as advised (plannedarenthood.org). In 2002, there were 431, 988 births to females under the ages of 20 according to (www,childtrends.org). If teens were able to get birth control more easily, then this number could easily be lowered. If the number of births to girls younger than 20 was lowered, than there would be more lives saved. People say that teens being put on birth control would increase their desire to have sexual intercourse, which is falsely presumed. I was put on birth control about two months ago because of various other reasons, and my boyfriend and I are still content with waiting until they day we say our vows to share that moment. If teens could access birth control in a less complicated manner more teens would be able to remain in education and the work force. Most teens are afraid or feel uncomfortable talking to their parents about their sex life, so they make poor choices and are not aware of the consequences. If girls talked to someone, they could continue their education and career path. According to (aclu-wa.org), teen pregnancy is the number one reason why many girls drop out of high school, and seventy percent of young girls that give birth to a child drop...
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