Why do teens become pregnant?

Topics: Pregnancy, Teenage pregnancy, Abortion Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Armani White
Dr. Smalls-Muir
English 101
11 November 2014
Teen Pregnancy
Teen pregnancy is a severe issue in our lives today where people become pregnant because they are insecure or not informed. Nearly four out of ten girls become pregnant at least once before the age of 20 ,but why does this happen? Most teens get pregnant because they want to know how it feels to raise a child or because they see others with children and they find them cute and want them to themselves. Others get pregnant because they don’t know about the different ways to stay safe. Many girls struggle with teen pregnancy because of their low confidence and self-worth. They feel that they are ugly and no male would show them attention unless they give them what they want. How many pregnancies take place a year? Approximately 615,000 women from ages 15-19 become pregnant each year. One-third of all pregnancies occur from teens usually 18-19 years old where eighty-two percent of teen pregnancies are unplanned. African American woman and Hispanic woman have the topmost teen pregnancy rates rather the Caucasian woman having a lower rate than them both. Although in 2010, New Mexico had the highest teenage pregnancy rate; rates in Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma followed. The lowest rates were in New Hampshire, followed by Vermont, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Maine. What are the health risks of teen pregnancy? This question is rarely explained or even thought about before pregnancies. Teenage girls who are pregnant especially if they don't have support from their parents are at risk of not getting proper prenatal care. Prenatal care is serious, especially in the first months of pregnancy. Prenatal care screens for medical problems in both the mother and baby, watches the baby's growth, and deals quickly with any complications that occur. Pregnant teens also have a higher risk of getting high blood pressure than older pregnant women....
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